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Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

The unit is headed by Dr. Abdulla Khaleel MS (Ortho). He is a consultant orthopedic surgeon with special experts in arthroscopy of knee, shoulder, ankle and sports traumatology.

He completed his graduate degree from Yenepoya Medical College and Post graduate from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai. After working as trauma surgeon for couple of years he obtained special training in shoulder arthroscopy and then he obtained his fellowship in knee surgery and sports traumatology from Centre Orthopedique Santy, Lyon, France

About this clinic

The sports medicine centre at alshifa , provides care to all active individuals from recreational to elite atheletes and sports and exercise – related injuries.


  • Dedicated centre for Arthroscopic and minimal invasive surgeries .
  • Evaluation, prevention and treatment of sports or exercise-related injuries.
  • Specialty and surgical care of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle.
  • Physical therapy for exercise training programs and rehabilitation for returning to activity
  • Arthroscopic and minimal invasive surgeries and Special rehabilitation protocols for shoulder problems like periarthritis shoulder, Frozen shoulder and Rotator cuff injuries.

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee ligament reconstructive surgery

  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction (Modern technique like biologically enhanced acl reconstruction)
  • Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction
  • MCL and PLC repair and reconstruction.
  • Multiple ligament reconstruction for knee dislocations.

Meniscus surgery

  • Meniscus repair
  • Partial menisectomy.
  • Discoid meniscus surgery

Patellofemoral instability surgery

  • MPFL repair and reconstruction
  • Proximal and distal realignment surgery

Arthroscopy for synovial pathology

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder instability repair for recurrent dislocations

  • Arthroscopic Bankart repair
  • Reconstructive surgery for bony deficiencies

Shoulder problems in throwing athletes

  • Arthroscopic SLAP repair
  • Arthroscopic biceps tenodesis
  • Arthroscopic subacromial decompression

Arthroscopic and minimal invasive rotator cuff repair
Arthroscopic management for frozen shoulder
Open shoulder reconstructive surgery for fractures
Shoulder replacements including surface arthroplasty and reverse total shoulder replacement

Advanced Arthroscopic Reconstructive Surgery

  • Ankle arthroscopy
  • Elbow arthroscopy

Reconstructive Muscle and Ligament Surgery for sports injuries

  • Ankle ligament repair/reconstruction
  • Image - guided PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections for muscle and tendon tears

Arthroscopy Assisted Tibial Pleateau fracture fixation